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Hello Fellow Writers! The Great American Screenwriting Conference & PitchFest is just days away, and we are thrilled to announce a new and exciting session. Hollywood legend, Oscar winner, and icon ROGER CORMAN will be joining us this Saturday, June 21 at 11:00am for an educational and inspirational interview. Aside from being responsible for 429 […]

Focused Suspense by William Martell

You can meet Bill and benefit from his years of experience as a Hollywood Screenwriter by taking his class, ACT TWO IS EASY! at this year’s Great American Screenwriting Conference. Bill’s class will be held: 5pm – 6:30pm Friday, June 20 Marriott Burbank Hotel & Convention Center 2500 N. Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505 We […]

PLAYING WITH DYNAMITE: An Interview with Producer Sean Covel

by Holly Grigg-Spall We are delighted to have NAPOLEON DYNAMITE producer Sean Covel at this year’s event alongside his producing partner Chris “Doc” Wyatt. In a session titled PLAYING WITH DYNAMITE: The Independent Film Screenplay the pair will discuss the key differences between studio and independent projects. They will follow that with a second session: PLAYING WITH DYNAMITE: Securing Financing for Indie Films. Both […]


How Do You Pitch A Show?

What is a pitch? How do you do it? Are there specific “rules” in presenting a successful pitch? The answer is: yes and no. Every pitch session is different, but the most important thing to remember is that the point is not to sell your project. It is to build a relationship. A commitment to […]

The Comparison Game

by Nneka Samuel Whether you’re a novice waiting to break-in or an accomplished magnate with a slew of produced credits, if you call yourself a writer, chances are you’ve been guilty of playing the Comparison Game.  It’s less game, actually, and more of a self-defeating mental checklist confirming every negative thought you’ve had about your […]

Pitching Your Screenplay and Getting Your Mind Right

by Unknown Screenwriter I know, I know… Lots of articles out there about pitching your screenplay. Pretty sure I’ve even read most of them myself. So why another? Well, you know me… I always try to bring a little something different to the table if I can. Me personally? I hate pitching. I could be […]


Writers Store All-Star Profile – Pilar Alessandra

by Deb Havener- May 2011 Pilar Alessandra’s Master Class Intensive (Friday, June 3rd) is designed to help writers prepare their pitches for the big pitch day at the Great American PitchFest, or for use any time. Pilar Alessandra is one busy lady. She juggles her own business, coaches hundreds of students, lectures at numerous speaking […]

The Huffington Post: Q &A with founder, Signe Olynyk by Karen Geier

All you need to know to about Pitching in Show Business Most industries have been completely transformed by the internet. Where at one point, you needed to “know a guy” to get the best plumber or brakes specialist, there are now sites like Homestars and Gigpark. If you needed to reach out to a huge […]

An Interview with MAD MEN writer/producer Lisa Albert

(This article originally appeared on the blog Culture & Anarchy) While she was in town for the London Screenwriters Festival, MAD MEN writer/producer Lisa Albert sat down for breakfast to be interviewed by Bob Schultz as part of the London Breakfast Club series of talks. Culture and Anarchy found out some nifty screenwriting tips to […]


Death & Rebirth

“If you want resurrection, you must have crucifixion.”  – Joseph Campbell In every great heroic tale, there is a time of rebirth. From Joseph Campbell to Dara Marks to Dan Harmon, there have been millions of words written on the subject of a protagonist’s journey and subsequent transformation.  Refusal of the call to action, meeting […]

The Elevator Pitch Part 2

by Unknown Screenwriter To Read Part 1, CLICK HERE. I like to focus on the following aspects of the story to formulate a logline… Protagonist Protagonist’s flaw Antagonist Setting Departure Action Protagonist: Obviously WHO your screenplay is about… We know that. Cool. Protagonist’s flaw: What isolates him or her from our world as we know it? Is she […]

The Elevator Pitch Part 1

by Unknown Screenwriter The Elevator Pitch. You’ve heard of it before… Right? They’re called elevator pitches because you need to be able to pitch your screenplay in the length of time it takes for the entity you’re pitching to — to arrive at their floor and exit the elevator. You’ve got to be able to […]